Rayzor's Edge Tree Service did an incredible job at our house. We had two trees that were rotting and needing to removed. Ray came first thing in the morning. When I returned from work the trees were gone and all the wood neatly piled by the deck. There was no mess to clean up, just some reusable wood chips from where the stumps were grinded out. I couldn’t have asked for better service. Thanks Ray and company.
Corey : Kitchener, Ontario

Rayzor Edge took down 6 huge maple trees in our side lawn, they did an great job cleaning up behind them and did very little damage to the lawn.
Valery : Kitchener, Ontario

Ray took down 15 pine trees behind our house, very fast and efficient, took down, removed and all cleaned up in a day and a half. Very impressed!
Mark : Waterloo, Ontario

Thanks for the fantastic job Ray! 7 ash tree in the backyard all needed to come down and Rayzor Edge brought them all down with there bucket truck and did no damage to the lawn at all. Highly recommend them to anyone!
McDonald : St. Jacobs, Ontario

Rayzor Edge Tree Service took down a big pine tree in 2 hours, stump ground and everything cleaned up. Very impressed with their efficiency and professionalism!
Valentin : Waterloo, Ontario

M/s Rayzor Edge Tree Service team arrived at my house on time, cut two large trees in my backyard with great professional skill and care, without doing any damage. The team members were very decent, polite and obviously had very good training and experience. M/s Rayzor Edge Tree Service rates were very competitive and their work quality exceeded my expectations. I recommend them very highly.
Sajid Zaidi

We requested a quote at our local Home Show and received the visit to provide the quote promptly. Despite poor weather conditions the work was completed last week. The arborist explained the reasons behind the suggested pruning of a large locust tree in our backyard and then proceeded with the work. We discussed the pruning of other shrubs and trees together and then he asked for feedback throughout the process to see if it was what I wanted. The work was completed in a prompt fashion and the crew did a good job with clean up. I would recommend Rayzor Edge to others and will choose them for similar work in the future. It was very informative to be onsite as the work was being done so that I could speak directly to the arborist doing the major work on the larger trees.
Carolyn Sullivan

Recently we were faced with an emergency situation. The wind was gusting to almost 120km/hr and our tree had started to heave from the ground and inevitably would have gone over onto our neighbours house. We contacted Rayzor Edge and they came out without delay and were able to defuse the situation. The whole experience from the initial phone call to time they made their final cut was outstanding. The entire team worked professionally throughout the process and there friendly demeanor was truly appreciated. I recommend Rayzor Edge without hesitation.
Steve and Barb : Cambridge, Ontario

Ray and his crew were friendly, professional and very efficient in taking down both our trees. Ray took the time to share his opinion on future maintenance needs for the rest of our trees, but didn't "hard sell" any additional work. The crews worked hard at lessening any damage and mess created from taking down the trees. We appreciated the conversations with Connor and Ray! Well done guys and definitely we'll be referring you along.
Jason Winter

We booked an appointment with Rayzor Edge Tree Services for our free quote at the KW Home Show. They came and reviewed the job the following week. We have a massive tree in our back yard that needed trimming as the branches were rubbing and looked weighed down when it was fully bloomed. We received a reasonable quote by email 2 days later and a week and a half after that they arrived to do the job! They were fast, efficient, knowledgeable, very professional, took safety very seriously and cleaned everything up afterwards. They even cut and stacked some of the wood for our fire pit which made my son VERY happy! The team was very friendly and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with the service. I cant express how important it is to hire the "RIGHT" people to provide your tree care. Previous experience has proven that choosing the wrong person/company will only cause harm to your tree and increase the risk of completely avoidable damage. The Rayzor Edge team explained how and why the work was done and took the time to answer any questions we had. We agreed with their professional recommendations and are completely satisfied with the job! We would highly recommend Rayzor Edge Tree Services!
Candis and Wes Tetreault : Kitchener, Ontario

I highly recommend Rayzor's Edge Tree Service. The crew arrived on time, they were professional, very efficient and cleaned up the area, making it look better then when they arrived. The price for their service was excellent and I would definitely use their services again.
Kevin Dupuis

Efficient removal of 6 trees, stumps and all debris at a great price.
Todd Ruston

Well done Rayzor's Edge! We had Ray and the boys remove two large and one small walnut from the back yard. A tough job, right next to a main phone/cable trunk, fences, and buildings, with very limited access. The trees had to be cut and roped down by the climber a branch at a time, and then dragged out to the road. To me (I have supervised contractors for years at work) there are three things that tell you a contractor is good: they come when they say, they do what they say, and they make it right if there is an 'issue' . Rayzor''s Edge did all three! We had two issues. Remember I said this was a tough job! Firstly, one branch got away from them and snagged by neighbor's phone line. Ray immediately called Bell and the line was reattached within hours. Next, when the biggest tree's main trunk was felled (and this was amazing, essentially they had a gap of about 8ft wide to drop a 32 ft tall log 24" in diameter) the darn thing bounced and took out one of our hemlock bushes. Ray immediately said he would pay for it, and when we settled the bill I was wishy washy about it and he insisted he pay for it. Cleanup was excellent, they removed the logs to be sold for lumber (most tree services do not) cut up and stacked the branches for fire wood for us, and chipped up the small stuff, and dumped it where we wanted, to be used as mulch. The raked up all the twigs, and removed them, too. They would have removed everything if we had wanted, but we wanted the fire wood sized stuff. And after all that his price was very competitive. We will have Rayzor's Edge back to trim up our four remaining trees, when they need it. Thanks Ray!
Groove Hammer

Great friendly service. We'll have them back again
wendy mcdonnell

Good price, friendly owner and great work. What more could you ask for?!
Chibi Roy

Ray was prompt with great service. Took the time to do the job right. Would highly recommend and would definitely hire again.
Chris Reid

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